Amazing Features

Our digital globes come with amazing, cutting-edge features not found in other digital globe brands. From our integrated, multi-touch controller software for iPads, to our dynamic weather layer customization, you won't find another product with the same easy-to-use functionality. Additionally our products have some the highest resolution available for their size, giving sharper and crisper images. To learn about these features and many more, please visit our products page.  

Transforms Learning

Today's classrooms are being inundated with new initiatives like Common Core, STEM and Next Gen Science Standards. As a result, we finally have the momentum to improve the depth of what we teach, but without engaging, dynamic tools to enhance the way students visualize concepts, they may not gain the necessary level of understanding that we're expecting. This is where digital globes can help; they dramatically change the way students understand concepts in earth science, social studies, astronomy, biology, etc.

Reliability & Quality Built-in

All of our products are based on Apple hardware so you can trust the quality and efficiency of the equipment you purchase. Additionally, we offer you the ability to reuse existing hardware that you may already own, saving you lots of money on your initial purchase. To learn more about system requirements, and to find out about pricing if you choose to reuse your own computer, please send us a message and we'll get in touch with you right away. 

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