Touch Control & More...

Our digital globes come with features not found in other brands, including touch-interactive surfaces, iPad integration and more. Additionally, our products have the highest resolution available, giving sharper and crisper images. To learn about these features and more, visit our products page or give us a call to discover the benefits.

Options for Every Budget

Because we offer a variety of digital globe products and services, we can provide a unique, immersive solution for just about any budget! Whether your looking for a large projection sphere, a custom-printed exhibit piece, or a portable 3D system, let us know your requirements and we can provide a competitive, budget-friendly proposal.


In addition to our products and services, we have an exciting new option for museums, libraries, planetariums and science centers: traveling exhibit rentals. Our first exhibit is approx. 2,000 sq. feet and is intended for organizations who want to increase attendance through cutting-edge visualizations of our solar system. LEARN MORE

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