Traveling Exhibit Rental

Are you looking to showcase the latest in digital globe technologies, but don't have the budget for a permanent installation? Our new traveling exhibit, "Our Solar System: An Interactive Journey" could be the solution for your museum, planetarium, library or science center! This 2,000 sq. ft. exhibition is available for three months at a time, and allows your organization to create an immersive learning experience focused on the planets in our solar system, manned space travel and the power of our sun. 

Through futuristic digital displays, realistic visualizations and life-like 3D models, your visitors will be exposed to immersive experiences that will make them feel like they’ve been transported to space and beyond!  This rental exhibit features nine separate stations, including a stunning scale model of the solar system, interactive learning kiosks, digital globe displays, various touch tables and so much more. 

For inquiries about this rental exhibit, including rates and availability, please call us toll free at 1-888-822-5807, or email us using the contact link at the top of the page. 
Current availability: Early 2019 


Exhibit Design Services

In addition to our traveling exhibit, we are also experienced in developing and producing a variety of creative, interactive museum exhibits using the latest technologies on the market. From interactive video walls and custom touch screen interfaces to graphic-based interpretive panels and outdoor audio stations, we've got you covered! 

To learn more about our exhibit services, please visit our companion website, Enlighten Exhibits. Here you'll be able to browse completed projects, view our client list and read more about some of our unique offerings for museums of any size.