Looking for an exciting exhibit to educate your visitors about earth, space, history and more? Our systems are a perfect fit for museums of any size and budget. Read below to learn more about what makes our products unique.

Unique Control Options

Digital globes already make great exhibits for museums because they naturally draw visitors with their uniquely-shaped screens and full-motion video, but what makes our systems even better is the level of interactivity they can provide. Other brands of digital globes are limited to simple functions (up, down, left, right) but our globes feature full motion controls thanks to a variety of hardware options including on-globe touch control, external touchscreens, track balls, iPad control and more. In addition to letting users manipulate the movement the globe, our products also provide an intuitive way to fine-tune data that's being displayed on the screen. With one of our digital globes, you will not only be able to engage your visitors with more hands-on options, but you'll be increasing the quality of their educational experience at the same time.  

Competitive Cost

At Digital Globe Systems, we strive to be the lowest-price provider of digital globe equipment. Because we supply a variety of globe types, including 3D displays, we can provide a solution that meets your organization's budget, no matter how small it is. Even with our full-featured 360° spherical globes, we provide extremely competitive pricing. Because of our low overhead and our desire to see digital globe technology established in more schools and museums, we work to keep our prices as low as possible. 

Content, Content and More Content...

With a digital globe from Digital Globe Systems, you have access to an enormous amount of earth, space and climate content. Many of our systems come pre-loaded with a large collection of interactive maps, weather downloads, videos and animations, or you can choose free items from NOAA's SOS database of globe content, and it's all compatible on our globes. Have something specific in mind? Feel free to ask; we can work together to create something unique for your visitors!

Flexibility, Portability and Reliability

Is your museum limited on exhibit space, or unable to control ambient light? Do you need a solution that can easily travel with you for outreach? Are you concerned about ongoing maintenance costs or energy efficiency? Although other digital globes are susceptible to these common issues, we can provide systems that can overcome all these obstacles and more! From high-brightness displays to bulb-free technology, and fixed wall-mount systems to ultra-portable configurations, we can meed your needs.

We Do Exhibit Design Too!

Our services don't stop with digital globes; we also offer a variety of affordable exhibit design and development services including touchscreen kiosks, digital signage, projection mapping, HD and immersive theaters, audio/visual, virtual reality and more. To learn more and see samples of completed museum exhibit projects, please visit our sister company, Enlighten Exhibits