Digital Globe Products

 When you're looking for a dynamic way to communicate global datasets or to display worldwide stories, a digital globe is a natural fit. 

Touch-controlled Digital Globe


Our touch globe is for organizations desiring the highest level of personal interaction and hands-on learning for their visitors. When an individual uses their hand to move the globe, or touches a location to trigger additional content, a truly unique connection is formed in their mind. This often result in a stronger understanding of the data, and a longer retention of the information they've seen. 

This dependable touch technology is easy to setup and provides multi-touch, and multi-user options for controlling the interactive content on the globe. To make things easier, we can provide a variety of location-specific and multi-user templates, giving you a simple way to create interactive content that will draw-in your audience. If you don't have the time to do it yourself, we can provide full-service content setup, as well as enhanced custom development, in case you have something special in-mind. 


Standard Digital Globe (non-touch)

Our standard digital globes are a popular choice for situations where on-globe touch is not required, or where affordability is a top priority. These globes feature the same display technology and can still be controlled in a variety of ways, including a secondary touchscreen interface or via any web-enabled device (phone, tablet, notebook, etc.). 

Many institutions choose non-touch digital globes for use in areas where the globe is mounted in a location restricting access from visitors... primarily when ceiling mounted, behind a railing, or integrated into a large cabinet. Another popular use for non-touch digital globes is in a theater environment where a looping video presentation, or a guided presentation by a staff member. 

Our digital globes come in a variety of sizes from 24 inches to 4 feet in diameter, and can be delivered with a standard enclosure, or open-frame for integration into a cabinet. 


3D Globe Viewer

A 3D Viewer creates a truly breathtaking effect for audiences of all ages. Using an advanced, light-diverging optical layer attached to a 21" or 27" iMac computer, the 2D planetary images and videos on the screen are warped into a three-dimensional sphere that appears to be floating. The best part is that all this happens without requiring the viewer to wear special 3D glasses, thereby allowing multiple people to experience the magic at the same time. 

When coupled with the included iPad app and proprietary OS X software, this display becomes a powerful tool for classroom teaching, interactive museum exhibits, or presenting spherical films from NOAA's free S.O.S. library.